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Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

Founded in 1948, EERI's mission is to reduce earthquake risk by (1) advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering, (2) improving understanding of the impact of earthquakes on the physical, social, economic, political, and cultural environment, and (3) advocating comprehensive and realistic measures for reducing the harmful effects of earthquakes.

News of the Institute

11NCEE: And the survey says...

42338169254 0b072e8863 zThank you to everyone who attended the Eleventh National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (11NCEE) and contributed to its success!

We would like to share some preliminary statistics, facts, and feedback from the post-conference survey:

  • 1,265 earthquake professionals attended the 11NCEE from over 25 disciplines and across 13 profession types.
  • Additionally, 350 undergraduate students competed on 40 teams in the 15th Annual Seismic Design Competition, the largest competition to date;
  • 1,575 abstracts were submitted to the 11NCEE;
  • 815 papers were formally accepted to be showcased across 135 Technical Sessions, along with invited plenary, theme, and Special Session speakers;
  • 38 generous sponsors donated a combined total of more than $150,000 to the 11NCEE and 52 exhibitors displayed their DavidC DavidFproducts and services in the Exhibit Hall. Thank you sponsors and exhibitors, you are amazing!
  • More than 125 expert volunteers from earthquake engineering and risk reduction actively served as topic chairs and reviewers; over 100 experts volunteered to moderate technical sessions; and approximately 50 experts volunteered to be Seismic Design Competition judges. Thank you volunteers, without you there would be no conference!
  • Greater than 90% of the 147 survey respondents said that the conference overall was either "very good" or "excellent;"
  • Over 90% of respondents said that they learned something at the conference that they could apply to their work; and
  • 99% of respondents said that the conference was relevant to their professional work.

29184838928 e0810c282d mQuotes from the survey:

  • "I would rank 11NCEE and the conference experience at the top of my conferences (and they are not few)."
  • "It was truly a fantastic conference. Well run. Loved the new slide presentation system."
  • "Very well attended conference with colleagues from all disciplines. Excellent!"
  • "Congratulations EERI organizing committee for this tremendous effort."
  • "Thank you for organizing this wonderful conference!"

41246021260 954dcdff82 z

The post-conference survey is still open. If you attended the 11NCEE and have not yet completed the survey, please click here


Photo Credits: Marshall Lew (M.EERI,1978) and Christian Millan.

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Student Spotlight

Edvard Bruun Makes the List: University of Toronto's "15 Engineering Grads to Watch"

Edvard Bruun Edit portraitEdvard Bruun (M.EERI,2016), has been recognized by his alma mater, the University of Toronto (U of T), among the 2018 "15 Engineering Grads to Watch.” The 15 alumni were selected by the their home departments and institutes, embody the spirit of U of T Engineering, and have demonstrated the engineering values of creativity, innovation and global impact. 

Bruun’s master’s research focused on reinforced concrete. Under the supervision of Professors Michael Collins, Evan Bentz and Oh-Sung Kwon (M.EERI,2010), he developed mathematical models for analyzing reinforced concrete beams and shells. He also used the Mark Huggins Structures Laboratory to perform the world’s first pure torsion tests on reinforced concrete shells in the state-of-the art Shell Element Tester.

“Torsion is a complex phenomenon in reinforced concrete, and is also very difficult to isolate and test,” says Bruun. “These tests provided important data which will allow us to update and modify our design codes, improving the safety and efficiency of future structures.”

Bruun is currently employed by Arup, an EERI Bronze Level Subscribing Member firm.
Photo credit: Laura Pedersen, UT Engineering News.

Read the full story in UT Engineering News.


Ruoyang (Andrew) Wu Wins the 2018 Nevada Medal for Distinguished Paper in Bridge Engineering

Profile photo Ruoyang Andrew Wu 1Ruoyang WuCongratulations to Ruoyang (Andrew) Wu (M.EERI,2015), a doctoral candidate at the University of Utah, who is the recipient of the 2018 Nevada Medal for Distinguished Graduate Student Paper in Bridge Engineering. The title of Wu's winning paper is "Experimental and Analytical Study of Seismically Repaired RC Bridge Column-to-Cap Beam Connections." The paper presented a technique to repair severely damaged reinforced concrete bridge columns. Concentrated and distributed plasticity models simulating the repaired concrete columns were proposed to model damaged longitudinal steel bars, bond-slip effects, and low-cycle fatigue of the bars. Wu intends to continue his work as a bridge engineer or a researcher after graduation. His research was directed by Dr. Chris Pantelides (M.EERI,1992). 

Read the full story in NevadaToday.

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The EERI Student Leadership Council is Recruiting New Members

SLCAre you a graduate student interested in earthquake safety? Do you like working in a fun team environment with other engaged graduate students? We are very excited to build our EERI Student Leadership Council (SLC) for 2018-2019, and we are looking for you! Please complete this form to indicate your interest in joining the SLC this year. We encourage you to forward the form to other interested graduate students.

Join the SLC


PEER Offers Updated Overview of BridgePBEE

PBEE logoBridgePBEE is a graphical user-interface (GUI) for conducting Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering (PBEE) studies for bridge-ground systems (2-span single-column type). BridgePBEE has been recently enhanced by incorporating robust plotting and visualization packages to make this user-interface more versatile and user-friendly. Read the PEER announcement.


In a July 1, 2018 Pulse article announcing the 15th Annual Seismic Design Competition awardees, the location of Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra was misidentified as Peru. The university is in the Dominican Republic. We apologize for the error and greatly appreciate all the teams that travel long distances to compete in the SDC!

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Earthquake Spectra: Preprint Manuscripts

spectra 150Seven (7) preprint manuscripts have been posted to the Earthquake Spectra website prior to formal publication.
The papers to be published are:

  • Estimating near-surface shear wave velocity using the P-wave seismograms method in Japan by Yu Miao, Yang Shi and Su-Yang Wang
  • Re-Enacting the Recovery Following the 2014 South Napa Earthquake Using Stochastic Process Models by Hua Kang (M.EERI,2017), Henry V. Burton (M.EERI,2011) and Haoxiang Miao
  • Unification of seismic performance estimation and real estate investment analysis to model post-earthquake building repair decisions by Maryia Markhvida (M.EERI,2017) and Jack W. Baker (M.EERI,2004)
  • Multi-disciplinary post-earthquake critique of masonry substation retrofits by Aina Noor Misnon, Dmytro Dizhur (M.EERI,2014), John Mackenzie, Shannon Abeling and Jason Ingham (M.EERI,2012)
  • Use of RVT for the Computation of In-Structure Response Spectra and Peak Responses and Comparison to Time History And Response Spectrum Analysis by Irmela Zentner (M.EERI,2017)
  • Experimental Study of the Low-Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Welded Flange-Bolted Web Connection in Steel Moment-Resisting Frames by Dong-Seok Lee, Shoichi Kishiki, Satoshi Yamada, Takanori Ishida and Yu Jiao (M.EERI,2018)
  • Bayesian estimation of macroseismic intensity from post-earthquake rapid damage mapping by M. Pittore, L. Graziani, A. Maramai, M. Haas, S. Parolai and A. Tertulliani

To read all current preprint manuscripts posted, visit Earthquake Spectra preprints.
If you have questions about Spectra, contact Managing Editor Liz Stalnaker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Welcome New Members

EERI welcomes new members who have recently joined the Institute

eeri logo square 2018 2.5x2.5Regular
Giuseppe Abbiati, ETH Zürich, Structural
Anuj Bansal, Degenkolb Engineers, Structural
Jordan Burns, FEMA, Risk Analysis
Laura Champion, Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE, Structural
Yi-Lun Chu, Jensen Hughes, Structural
Richard Clarke, University of the West Indies, Structural
John Crabtree, Oregon Health Authority, Emergency Prep Response
John Dai, Southern California Edison, Structural
Derick de la Cruz, Southern California Edison, Structural
Marco Domaneschi, Politecnico Di Torino, Civil
Daniel Dowden, Michigan Tech, Structural
Simon Edwards, TransRe, Risk Analysis
Ufuk Hancilar, Bogazici University - Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute, Structural
Qindan Huang, University of Akron, Civil
Yu Jiao, Tokyo City University, Education
Laurelyn Johnson, Los Angeles Community College District
Kazuhiko Kasai, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Structural
Mehrshad Ketabdar, Southern California Gas Company, Structural
Melissa Meikle, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Civil
William  Nickels, Foundation Engineering, Inc., Geotechnical
Pablo Parra, Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Structural
Brian Phillips, University of Maryland
Natanya Porto, Risk Management Solutions, Seismologist
Rebecca Rumann, Lund Opsahl LLC, Structural
Behrooz Shakibnia, Pacific Gas & Electric, Civil
Mehdi Shokouhian, Morgan State University
Ross Stein, Temblor, Inc., Geophysicist
Anthony Stone, Southern California Edison, Structural
Ping-Hsiung Wang, National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, Structural
Emrah Yenier, Nanometrics Inc., Seismologist
Jiqiu Yuan, National Institute of Building Sciences, Structural

Young Professional

Esmaeel Rahmanishamsi, MiTek USA Inc., Structural
Molly Winston, Shannon & Wilson, Geotechnical


Deysi Marcela Chicaiza, UPS, Civil, EcuadorDeysi Marcela Chicaiza, UPS, Civil, Ecuador
Andres Antonio De La Cruz Munoz, Oficina Nacional de Evaluacion Sismica y Vulnerabilidad de Infraestructura y Edificaciones (ONESVIE), Structural, Dominican Republic
Pedro Ivan Marquez Merceron, Oficina Nacional de Evaluacion Sismica y Vulnerabilidad de Infraestructura y Edifcaciones (ONESVIE), Structural, Dominican Republic
Joel Alberto Moreno-Herrera, Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Structural, Mexico
Santiago Gabriel Pantoja, Civil, Ecuador
Luis Anselmo Parra, Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas, Civil, Ecuador
Nelson David Santander, Universidad de las fuerzas armadas, Civil, Ecuador
Jithin Kudukku Valappil, KBR Technology, Structural, India
Asisclo Villafuerte, Structural,Philippines


Qudama Albu Jasim, Texas A&M University, Civil
Anthony J. Beers, Cal Poly SLO, Structural
Yara Daoud, American University of Beirut,Civil
Fardin Ferdosian, University of British Columbia,Civil
Redis Koleka, University of Surrey, Civil
Rodger Lee, University of California, Los Angeles, Civil
Fangzhou Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology, Geotechnical
Codi David McKee, Texas A&M University, Structural
Yuxin Pan, University of British Columbia, Structural
Andrew Pearson, Texas A&M University, Structural
Morgan Sanger, University of Wisconsin-Madison,Geotechnical

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News of the Profession

Links to Recent News & Views

Six (6) recent articles, stories, opinions, or reports from around the web.

1oneBill Would Create Statewide Plan For Checking If Buildings Are Earthquake-Safe (CBS13 Sacramento) EERI member and CA State Seismic Safety Commissioner Kit Miyamoto (M.EERI,1995) is interviewed on local TV news about Assemblymember Nazarian's "A Stronger Safer California" —Earthquake Resiliency Legislation AB 1857 and AB 2681. Read more

2twoWhat was Learned from the Osaka Earthquake? (Japan Times) EERI member James D. Goltz (M.EERI,1994) writes, "Although I am a foreigner, I am no stranger to Japan having visited many times and am now in the middle of my second one-year academic appointment at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University." Read more

3threeWhat We Don't Know About State Spending on Natural Disasters Could Cost Us (PEW Charitable Trusts) A newly released report, "Data limitations, their implications for policymaking, and strategies for improvement," summarizes the complex nature of government disaster assistance funding and how rising federal costs are leading to calls for change, and outlines Pew’s findings and recommendations for improving the collection and usability of state spending data. Read more

4fourCivil Engineers Build Resilience Into Disaster Mitigation Efforts (NOW) Have you ever looked at a tall bridge or high rise building and thought, “I’d hate to be up there in an earthquake?” It turns out you might actually be safer on one of those structures than in your own home, thanks to new and evolving civil engineering technology focused on disaster mitigation. Read more

5fiveHighlands Earthquake Aftermath (PNG Post-Courier) When the magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck the Highlands region on 26 February, there was significant public concern that industrial activities such as mining and hydrocarbon exploration and production in the Highlands had something to do with it. Read more


Estimate: 80,000 Buildings in Danger of Collapsing in Face of Earthquake (Jerusalem Post  Israel News) Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction Jackie Levy issued a statement on the urgency of the issue, after northern Israel experienced dozens of earthquakes over the past few days. Read more

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